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Sunday, 08 Apr 2012

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New project:


Featuring Elias Bachoura: oud

Wouter Vandenabeele: violin

Jeroen Knapen: guitar

Jasmijn Lootens: cello

Naomi Vercauteren: violin



28 March: Tiliander, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.
2 April: Ghent (De Centrale) With Veny Argyriou
16 June: Try-out muzikantenhuis, Gent
17 June: Brussels (Artbase)
18 June: Ghent (St. Baafsabdij) 
16 July: Ghent Festival. 
with Elias Bachoura and Shalan Alhamwy









The Ghent Folk Violin Project

Featuring Hanne (voice)

Wouter Vandenabeele: violin

Jeroen Knapen: guitar

Lotte Remmen: violin

Anouk Sanczuk: violin

Naomi Vercauteren: violin

Hanneke Oosterlijnck: voice

A  project from Ghent, Belgium conducted by Wouter vandenabeele A mixture of folk, classical, world music and jazz where the violin plays the important role. With 3 young fantastic violin players Lotte with a beautiful cassical tone, naomi with a great folk swing and the jazz experience of Anouk.

Music that start in the European tradition but mixed with new composition inspired but a lot of styles from J Zorn, Ph Glass, African to Bach...

Supported by the guitar playing of Jeroen and the beautiful voice of Hanne.



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